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Half of the current PS4 owners have a PS Plus subscription

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In a recent report to investors Sony's Kaz Hirai confirmed that approximately 50% of the owners of the PlayStation 4 have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, and that the number of active users on PSN recently risen to 52 million.

Hirai was moreover confirmed that Sony now makes money on the PlayStation 4 even with hardware sales alone. The company expects that PS4 will in the coming months keep the advantage that it currently has over a major competitor, and Hirai is so optimistic to believe that the PS4 will ultimately be more successful than the PlayStation 2, which is 12 years old and sold more than 155 million copies.

Information about the popularity of PS Plus and the great success of the PlayStation 4 are arriving shortly after the financial report which stated that the company last year made big losses. Sony marked fall in the total income of the company by 9.6% compared to the previous fiscal year, to 72.9 billion dollars, while losses rose to 5.55 billion dollars, the biggest loss in the history of the company.

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