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Happy Birthday GNU

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Thirty years ago, on 27th September 1983. Richard Stallman, programmer and hacker, launched the GNU project (GNU's Not Unix). It is a UNIX-oid operating system consisting entirely of free software developed by Stallman and his collaborators.

Stallman and the GNU project are founders of the idea and movement of free open source software (Free and Open Source Software - FOSS). Official core (kernel) of the GNU system was never completed and in 1991 it became an essential part of the new operating system GNU/Linux. Today, after 30 years, Linux is an operating system that contains GNU with Linux kernel and thousands of revisions and improvements that were made by volunteers passionate for free software unencumbered by constrains and proprietary licenses.

Today, Google, social networks and the vast majority of Internet systems for their servers chose exactly the ones based on the Linux operating system.

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