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Heart of Swarm for noobs and pros

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Kevin Johnson from Blizzard has recently released footage in which he explains how the Heart of the Swarm has been adjusted to fit the most absolute beginners and the most experienced strategists. Those who first encounter with the world of Starcraft 2 will surely first select Training Mode, where they will learn all the basics.

Then come battles against the computer, which will be weight adjusted based on player skill. Specifically, after a few test conflicts, the computer will adjust the weight of the AI opponent skills. As the players improve, the level of difficulty will increase as well.

The important change is the new unranked multiplayer mode in which you can play a casual game with other players without losing points on the competition tables of Starcraft 2. Blizzard hopes that unranked mode will turn out as a very good place to experiment with the new tactics. Finally, there is the standard Ranked PvP mode which has also gone through some processing. More details in the attached video.

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