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HP landing more than 50% of 2013 orders to Quanta

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Hewlett-Packard has closed out their invitations for bidding (RFQ) for 2013 notebook orders with Quanta Computer gabbing 50% of the builds . HP and Quanta made a deal for an estimated shipment volume of 20 million units making it 50% of the orders. Last year they finished with 40% of the total orders going to Quanta. This way the company wants to stay competative to it's huge rival Compal Electronics.

Other companies  that build for HP are:
Wilstron, recieved around 8%, down from 16% in 2012, equivalent to a volume of 3 mil. Units. Compal, recieved similar volume as Wilstron, but their orders have increased from 3% in 2012. Inventec, got very large numbers, accounting for 29-31% of total orders, rising from only 16% last year,  this year they will recieve around 11-12 million units. Compal won most of the RFQ's from Acer and Dell, taking 70% of Dell's orders and 36% from Acer. That will sumarize into 24 million notebooks to Compal from those two companies alone. Next year we can expect rough competition between Compal and Quanta Computrer based on this numbers.

As far as HP's orders, Foxconn Electronics which has around 20% of 2012 orders, almost got none in 2013, meaning that they will focus more on Sony' notebook orders and maybe smaller amount of MacBook Pro from Apple.

[Ed – the use of ODMs is one way that many companies reduce prices. They design the specs and then pay someone else to build them. Unfortunately some all feel that this has created a blanc market with many companies using idetical parts and hardware. It brings back memories of the bland white “IBM-Compatible” boxed that were built in the mid-90s. Perhaps this will help to create that same DIY market that the boring IBM clones did back then. If it does that could be a very interesting market indeed. After all it was the DIY market that inspired the likes of Dell, HP, Compaq and even Apple to build better products or lose sales]

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