Monday27 March 2023

HTC marks losses for the first time since 2002.

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Ever since the company became public in 2002, HTC recorded only positive business results. This week they announced a new quarterly report covering the third quarter of this year, in which HTC for the first time reported losses, which amount to 100 million dollars.


HTC was one of the leaders in the market on the Android platform, but over the years they slowly started to lose the battle, primarily because of Samsung. The last negative results are a consequence of a failed attempt to return a certain percentage of users with flagship HTC One. Although the company claimed that sales of HTC's One are solid, analysts that have predicted that it will not be enough for financial recovery were obviously right.

Great marketing and production costs model of One have far surpassed sales. Only in the last year the value of HTC shares fell by 50%, and this quarterly report arrived just as an official confirmation of negative financial trends.

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