Thursday01 December 2022

HTC to create smartphones for Amazon?

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According to the findings of the Financial Times, Amazon and HTC are working together on development of a Kindle smartphone. There should be a total of three models that will appear on the market next year.

Of the three devices, one is in an advanced stage of development, and if the growth continues at this pace, it could be presented at the beginning of the next year. Both companies declined to comment on this topic, but the HTC said they are focused on their own products, but also on collaboration with mobile operators and other businesses. How will this move affect HTC's business remains to be seen, but the company must evaluate the cost-effectiveness since of this move and possible problems it could create with the development of their own product line which is certainly not something they need.

Amazon's hardware business is based on the sale of the related content, which allows them to aggressively compete with low prices of those devices. Although based on Android, the devices will use Amazon's application store and other content.

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