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iMacs not delayed, but will come out in smaller numbers that expected

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Last week there were rumors of a possible postponement of the new iMac. The reason they were supposed to be late was production problems due to the complicated design so the rollout should have started next year. But it looks like Apple has something else in mind and they do not want to have any delays in any case.

One of the reasons for this is that Apple simply cannot miss the holiday consumer fever so they will push production and computers will be delivered on time. Sources confirmed by 9to5mac that the new iMac in the delivery will go as planned - 21.5-inch at the end of November, and 27-inch in December. However, although the delay will be avoided, supplies will be very tight. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently mentioned at the disclosure of Apple’s financial results, that the company will have great difficulties meeting the market demand. He said they will “be constrained for the full quarter in a significant way, part of that is that we're beginning shipping the 21.5in iMac in November and the 27in in December. And so there will be a short amount of time during the quarter to manufacturer and ramp those and I expect the demand to be robust. So we will have a significant shortage there,”

The price for the 21.5-inch model will start at $1,299 and the 27-inch model will be sold at $1,799, for an additional $200 you can get a faster CPU and better graphics card. The new iMac brings slimmer design, faster processors and graphics, more capacity and faster data storage system - Fusion Drive, which combines SSD and traditional drives.

[Ed – The new iMac really is not bringing anything “new” to the market. There have been PCs with SSD caching and hybrid storage for a while now. It is true that these are new to the Mac segment, but other than a new type of computing device with a built in life span we are not sure what the attraction is here. Of course, Microsoft is quickly moving in this direction too, so it could be that we will have disposable products from both sides of the house very soon… for now it looks like Apple will do everything to paper launch the new iMacs just to get cash from their fans…]

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