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Impressive performance from Intel's 730 line of SSDs

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This series of SSDs represents Intel's answer to Samsung and OCZ (Toshiba) and their EVO 840 and Vector model. Intel claims that both drives come with significantly improved speed controller (up to 50%) and NAND bus which achieves 20% higher speed.


In terms of capacity, Intel has decided to offer only two models, one of 240 GB, and other one twice as big, which brings 480 GB of storage for your data. When the smaller model (240 GB) recorded worse speed results, because the data write speed is only 270 MB per second compared to the 480 GB model which achieved data writing speed of 480 MB per second. When it comes to reading data, the two models generate the same speed - 550 MB per seconds and just in case you decide to put these two SSDs in RAID 0, then the 240 GB model can write up to 530 MB per second, while the reading speed jumped to an impressive 1,020 MB per second. For larger 480 GB model speeds are better once again and it achieves reading speed of 1073 MB per second and writing speed of 960 MB per second.

Both models come in 2.5-inch package, and allow data writing in quantities of 50 GB (240 GB) or 70 GB (480 GB) on a daily basis. What is more important in relation to models of other manufacturers is that they on a daily basis recommend users to write up to 20 GB data. As for the price is concerned, smaller 240 GB model will cost $250, and a larger 480 GB model will cost $490. They will arrive on the market in mid-March.

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