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iPhone owners more loyal than the Android ones

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According to data collected by Retrevo, 81% of current iPhone owners will buy Apple's mobile phone again when the time comes to replace the current device.

The next 14% of Apple users are still is not sure what OS will have their new new, while only 4% of them intend to switch to Android. On the other hand 63% of current users of mobile phones based on Android plans in the future to re-purchase the device based on Google's operating system. 23% are not sure, and 12% said they would switch to the iPhone.

Among other data collected by Retrevo states that 17% of iPhone users would like to have a bigger screen on their device, while 21% of the Android user wishes the same. They also said that only 5% of iPhone users wants a cheaper device.

[Ed - these types of studies are something of a joke, while we see that someone might repurchase an iPhone or other Apple device there are multiple Android phones. This means that while someone might own a Samsung this round, they might own an LG or HTC next. Flexibility and choice are what Android owners are looking for. This study only covers hardware brands and not the OS. It is meant to give the impression that Apple is a better product than Android by using manipulative numbers...]

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Last modified on Friday, 14 June 2013 21:36
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