Saturday04 February 2023

Is AMD worried about the GTX 460?

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GeForce_GTX_460_3qtrSo nVidia has dropped the GTX 460 on the world. Starting at midnight the reviews, press releases and all the usual brouhaha surrounding a new product launch began.  For us, as a new site we are not going to expect to see one of the new GF 104s for some time. Thankfully we have plenty to keep us busy as we get the site up to speed. No the thing that we wanted to go over is the interesting e-mails that we have seen from AMD.

These e-mails reminded us of the ones we saw from nVidia back when the HD 4800 series and the HD 5800 series dropped. These e-mails went on at great length about how nVidia had a great price position and a great price line up. They also did comparisons between products and price points.


Now this type of e-mail is fine when the companies are even, or when they are slightly apart from each other (one is in the lead), but they are very odd when one company enjoys a decent lead in their high-end segment over the other. This is the current case with AMD and nVidia. Right now the HD 5870 is slightly ahead of nVidia’s GTX 480 and the HD5970 really tops it out.


So why the e-mail over the GTX 460? Well there are a couple of things that come to mind. We had a talk with a few OEMs about the card a couple of days before launch. It seems that the card competes exceptionally well at its price point Vs the AMD HD 5830, and even crowds in on the HD 5850. This is at stock speeds and without any custom PCBs. Now, when you OC the GPU and drop on some extra cooling you have a real danger. According to one OEM we spoke with the card is an overclocking dream. This has prompted Asus to already release plans about a GTX 480 Direct CU. For those of you that know about the Direct CU and EAH TOP cards; Asus only picks GPUs that have higher than normal overclocking potential.  They then take the best of the bunch for these add-in boards.

E1229U-C_3D ENGTX460_DirectCU_TOP_2DI_768MD5_45Angel

With this news AMD should be worried, the GTX 460 with its redesigned GF104 parts represents a real danger to their mid-range line up. The e-mails are a sign of that, but the big one is going to be the price cut that you can expect to see before the end of August.  These will show up as Back to School pricing, but I have a feeling it will be a larger than normal cut this time.

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