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Is third the lucky time for HTC?

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HTC tablet

According to Display Search HTC intends to send to the market its first Windows tablet, and it will come with a 10.1" diagonal and supposedly 1080p resolution. While a manufacturer for HTC should be Pegatron, the screen would come from LG, which has a production process for matrix density of 218 pixels per inch (iPad has 264 ppi, while Samsung Galaxy tab 2 has 149 ppi) which would put the display somewhere in the middle of the offerings.

This would be the second major attempt at market penetration of tablets from HTC. Their first attempt was with 7" HTC Flyer with a 1.5 gigahertz processor and Android from 2011, however it did not achieve significant commercial success, and even 10.1" HTC Jetstream, which was only available in the U.S. for AT&T customer's 4G LTE network achieved very poor results.

The new tablet is reportedly already largely produced, and the operating system should be Windows 8 or Windows RT. For now, neither HTC nor Microsoft have no comments on this.

[Ed - The tablet arena is a place that HTC wants to get into very badly. Unfortunately for them they have not been able to release anything that has interested the consumer. There is a chance that this new tablet could end up with a Facebook version of Android on it at some point, but we will have to see what if anything comes from that. We have a feeling that there is more to this product than we are seeing on the surface]

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