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Tuesday, 05 February 2013 20:41

Is this the best keyboard ever?

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On the Yanko Design website an interesting QWERTY keyboard project was recently released where each key is a separate e-ink screen. Using e-ink on the keys brings to life an idea that was conceived a half-decade ago by the design studio Art Lebedev with their Optimus Maximus keyboard. The label on the keys change depending on the application user is currently working.

In other words, when you open Photoshop for example, the keyboard appears with icons for all kinds of tools for drawing, while working in Office the keyboard immediately shows what we have to press to save the document, to cut the text and other activities. This technology would also allow quickly moving from QWERTY to Dvorak layout, or any other that user prefers.

The solution with e-ink is much more elegant than the OLED's seen on the Optimus Maximus, is also more energy efficient (e-ink does not require backlighting), and cheaper to manufacture. As far as the design of this keyboard called E-Inkey is concerned, it most likely looks like something produced by Apple (at first glance), which means that designers Maxim Mezentsev and Alexander Suhih gave her exceptionally clean, minimalist appearance.

Throughout the story, there's only one problem - E-Inkey is still a concept, which means that it only exists in the minds of their authors. So far there is no indication that the concept might one day be realized but idea is without a doubt brilliant.

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