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Is this the new iPhone connector?

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Yesterday, pictures of what is apparently the new iPhone connector leaked to the internet. The new connector looks very similar to micro USB, especially in size. Pictures were leaked on French tech blog site While the old connector had 30 pins it was rumored that the new one will have just 19, but from the pictures we can see that it is only 8 or 9 pins if we consider the shell as one. Tomorrow it is expected that Apple will release new iPhone, but also several new iPods all are expected to feature a new dock connector.

In the pictures you can see the new iPhone connector together with a microUSB cable from MEIZU, a smartphone that is popular in China. The new connector looks like it has only one side shown in the picture, but it is possible that the other side is the same. If that is the case we will have 16 copper pins plus the shell making it 17 pins total. Having both sides the same solves the old problem with putting the connector in the wrong way and it would be really nice solution, at least from the practical point of view.
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Now we just need to wait a little bit, because Wednesday is a day away and then all eyes will be on San Francisco. Apple will have their big event there and will reveal all of their new devices and peripherals that will come along. It will be interesting to see how this new connector will impact their sales and what kind of peripherals there will be available at the beginning. In the official flyer for the event, with the big number 12, you can see in the shadow that it says 5; this seems to indicate that we will be getting iPhone 5, not another boosted iPhone 4 model.

[Ed – For the last few years each new iPhone has been a not much more than a refresh of the device. There has not been much that is new being brought to the table. Although many analysts are predicting that the iPhone 5 will be amazingly successful there is much evidence to suggest that it might not be. We could see the first iPhone that does not break records. We could also see a large sell off of Apple stock after the announcement of the new phone which can lower stock prices. If Apple cannot pull off another commercial success with this iPhone they could be in a bit of trouble. The iPhone is a major source of revenue for them and any impact to that will be a big one. We just wonder if Apple can continue to make older tech look new and exciting like they have in the past now that Steve Jobs is gone… I guess we will know tomorrow.]

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