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Updated May-08-2023 with statement from Intel
Back in early April MSI, a popular PC and PC component maker, disclosed that it had a security incident. They stated that they quickly rolled out their Incident Response Team and enacted their recovery procedures (IR and BC/DR plans). Not much was known about the attack at the time, including when the incident happened, just that the disclosure was made to the relevant authorities.

Ransomware is a pain in the ass, no matter what type it is. You have a piece of code that comes in, encrypts all your files, steals them and then you must deal with paying a ransom of some sort to either get your files back or prevent potential disclosure of sensitive information. It is not exactly what you want to deal with on a given day. So, when a new method of deploying ransomware pops up you can excuse our thinking “oh what fresh hell is this”.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming recently admitted that Xbox is not able to beat rivals Nintendo and Sony using normal methods. The means that Spender is talking about is the release of console specific titles. He feels that gamers are not likely to change allegiances simply because Xbox comes out with a new Xbox only title regardless of how anticipated that title is. He is right about this, but it also works in the opposite direction. Xbox gamers are not likely to switch to Sony or Nintendo simply because of a premier title.

Monday, 08 May 2023 09:59

DecryptedTech (re)Launches Game Thoughts

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A not so new feature at DecryptedTech is going to be our thoughts on gaming, game releases, and the game industry as a whole. This is actually not something new to DecryptedTech. In the past we had our Short Attention Span reviews of AAA titles where we jumped in with both feet to see if a new game release could even capture our attention. Now we are looking to dive a little deeper into each game.

One of the things that has always confused me is how often a business will look at and spend on revenue generating and very little on revenue maintenance. Every budget year you see money thrown at expansion, new tools or software that bring in more money and I get it. You have to earn to keep the lights on. However, you also need to ensure that you can keep what you earn. Think about it like this, if you have a business and it only takes cash you would not just leave the cash laying around for anyone to take. No, you would invest in a secure place like a safe to keep it. This concept also involves modern “digital” businesses, but we just are not seeing them spend any money on the safe.

There you are doing your stollen credit card number shopping, like you do every Sunday. You come across a big batch of them, and the deal seems good. How do you know these things are real? I mean this isn’t exactly Amazon with reviews and a return policy. This is a dark web marketplace. The answer to your dilemma is to use a card checking service. One of, if not the, most popular services on the darker side of the web was Try2Check. I say was since this system was taken down by the US Government this week in what has been described as a multi-national operation.

Thursday, 04 May 2023 12:26

Who do you trust with AI? Well… No One

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The other day while wading through the sludge that is the internet, I stumbled across a poll on Twitter asking the binary question “Who do you trust more with AI; Bill Gates or Elon Musk?” This led to a fun few hours diving deeper into that particular rabbit hole. I stumbled across articles where Bill Gates talks about AI via interviews as well as some interviews of Elon where he disparages Gates’ grasp on AI. Like I said, fun.

DLL sideloading is a common technique for attackers to use when getting their malware in place and has been in use since around 2010. Simply put your malicious DLL in the same directory as the application and Windows in all its helpfulness loads it first instead of the legitimate one that might be in another directory. This method is also referred to as DLL search order hijacking. With the age of this technique and advances in EDR/MDR its usefulness has decreased.

There is an old adage that says compliance is not a substitute for security. You can check all the compliance check boxes, pass audits, and still end up with an insecure environment. Level Finance Crypto found this out the hard way after they were hacked due to a vulnerability in how some of their smart contracts were set up, despite passing more than one IT Security Audit.

A recent incident where ChatGPT users at Samsung unknowingly exposed sensitive data via ChatGPT has raised concerns in multiple industries. The banking and finance industry saw several companies put a stop on the use of ChatGPT and certain regulators began investigating how its use could leak PII, or other financial information. To combat this new obstacle to business adoption, Microsoft is looking to offer a private business model which would exclude user input from being used to train the LLM.