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Ivy Bridge-E to remain at six cores?

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Intel's Extreme Edition version of Ivy Bridge for LGA2011 socket could be very similar to the existing Sandy Bridge-E. Although the latter has up to eight physical cores (according to some CPUS in the Xeon E5 line) and up to 20 MB of L3 cache, the commercial version of the Sandy Bridge-E Core i7 inside the line has six active cores and up to 15 MB of cache.

According to the latest information from a website, similar specifications will be featured on the Ivy Bridge-E with certain modifications that brings a new generation of chips. The modifications are related to the 22-nanometer manufacturing process (Sandy Bridge-E is a 32-nanometer chip), support for PCI Express 3.0 bus and faster memory but also much higher clocks.

Xeons based on Ivy Bridge-E will also have 8 physical cores, but the Core i7 variants should be active with the maximum of six and up to 15 MB L3 cache. The reason still lies in the TDP, which is a 130W maximum for desktops while server platforms (from which the line LGA2011 Intel processors stems) have a much greater thermal dissipation is allowed.

Information previously reported a significantly higher number of physical cores in the Core i7 chip, but the final specs are still subject to numerous amendments since the processors are expected to hit sales channels in the third quarter of next year.

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