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iWatch HItting the Streets in October. Is it Make or Break Time for Tim Cook?

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So Apple could finally be entering the Smartwach fray this year. At least that is the current rumor and push from Analysts. If this is true it will be a big deal for both Apple and Tim Cook as this will be the first new product type since the introduction of the iPad. Tim Cook has even more riding on this than Apple does as it will be a make or break deal for him to show that he is capable of leading Apple into new markets and not just refreshing the same devices over and over.

If the rumors are true the new wearable device will drop at the same time Apple’s next generation iPhone does and could be tied to that product. It would not be the first time Apple (or another company) tried to tie a new companion device to new products in an effort to force an upgrade. Still Apple has always had more success in getting their customers to pay the extra to have the latest and greatest in their pocket. Perhaps this will hold true if they lock the “iWatch” to a particular generation of iPhone as well.

Outside of what products the iWatch will (or will not) work with, the biggest question is: what will it do? Current rumors have it leaning very heavily toward being a health and fitness product. Will this focus remove features that other devices in this category have as standard? Will the iWatch be able to make/receive calls? Will you be able to receive and respond to text messages? What will the app structure be like? These items seem very simple but can make or break a product like a smartwatch. Just look at how bad Samsung’s first OS was on the Gear if you need an example.

Traditionally Apple has been amazing at taking an existing idea and making it better, but that was under the leadership of Steve Jobs, a man that did that job for a number of years. Now we have a business man and logistical guy running the show so we might get a very different result from the iWatch than analysts (who also have an interest in Apple) might expect/want. I guess we will know in October.

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