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JK Rowling and Sony launch new Harry Potter Book; Wonderbook: Book of Spells

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bos-intoSony has developed an interactive book for the PS3 that is sure to delight Harry Potter fans. That is right; Sony is releasing a book that you can interact with on your PS3, if you have a few things first like a PlayStation Eye camera and Sony’s Motion Controller. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series this is either amazing or just a bit disappointing. Many fans are saying they would rather have the often hinted at Encyclopedia of the Harry Potter world to add to their collection. With Sony’s new Wonderbook you will need so many things just to read more about the world of Harry Potter. While the new product from Sony does offer and chance to actually experience the Books in a new way, getting everything is going to get expensive. The Book of Spells will not be the only title for Sony’s series of augmented reality products, but it certainly is one that should help to interest consumers (especially Harry Potter fans)

Wonderbook; Book of Spells, was presented at the E3 conference during one of the best events at the show so far. The new product is an extension of the collaboration Sony already has with JK Rowling for PotterMore. PotterMore is a new and more interactive way to read the Harry Potter books; The Book of Spells is an extension for this collaboration.  With it you get to learn all of the spells used in the books. The Wonderbook is a peripheral that uses the PS3 Eye camera as part of an augmented reality game. It seems that the book that you are learning from sits on your lap. The Eye camera combined with the game allows the Book of Spells to come to life on your TV screen. When combined with the PS3 Motion controller you had your wand ready for use with the book. The PlayStation Eye detects your book and your wand motions.

“I’ve loved working with Sony’s creative team to bring my spells, and some of the history behind them, to life” said Rowling. “This is an extraordinary device that offers a reading experience like no other.” Rowling also added; Wonderbook: Book of Spells is the closest a Muggle can come to a real spellbook”

At the end of the keynote the announcer said that this is the first of many books; SO does that mean that we might get a potions or history of magic book? Sony has kept this a secret for a while, so that makes me think that we probably won’t hear about another one of these books for a while. I know that many Harry Potter fans will wait outside, in the wind and rain, for this new information about the Harry Potter world. I certainly will be one of them.

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