Sunday27 November 2022

Kim Dotcom has filled a lawsuit against New Zealand

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Kim Dotcom has announced that he filed a lawsuit against New Zealand due to the illegal spying and search of his home which happened in 2012.

Dotcom is seeking damages of $7,000,000 from the police and the GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau - New Zealand secret service) because of "overly aggressive and attacking approach" in their investigation of Megaupload's business. The charge is based on court documents related to the search of his home, which were recently published.

Specifically, Dotcom in his complaint said that he was spied on and charged on the basis of data collected from several security agencies in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia. Also he presented details related to the search of his home, which included helicopters, armed personnel, and  personal that prevented his pregnant wife from seeing their children.

[Ed - there is a lot more to the issue than just what is listed above. The raid on Dotcom's mansion has already been under scrutiny and was judged illegal and excessive in the force used. The New Zealand Police violated their own search policies by using a search warrant that was too vague (a common tactic in the US). The police also allowed evidence to be taken by US law enforcement with review. There is significant evidence that assets that are normally only used for terrorism cases were used to “catch” Dotcom at copyright infringement in addition to the possibility that the US used Dotcom’s cooperation in piracy cases as a form of entrapment…. Yes someone REALLY wanted Dotcom and Megaupload off the internet.]

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