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Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
The Cloud II box is very similar to the one that the Cloud one came in. It uses the same style of graphics, etc. to show off the product. There are some new things to see on the Cloud II’s box like the addition of the USB amp/control box, larger drivers (53mm), support for the PS4, and more.

HX-Cloud2-2 HX-Cloud2-3 HX-Cloud2-4

Since the box is not really what you want to hear about we will just leave a few pictures of the outside for those of you that might want to look at them. Instead we will move on to what is inside and then to the design and build of the Cloud II.

HX-Cloud2-5 HX-Cloud2-6 HX-Cloud2-7

As we mentioned, Kingston wanted to add a USB audio controller, but they also wanted to give you the same high-quality headset that you had with the original Cloud. This is very clear from the way everything is packed into the box. It does not look like an $100 headset, but something much more expensive.

The USB audio controller is very slim and compact. In fact it really looks like any other USB audio device on the market with the exception of the Asus U1.  It does have a much longer cord that most and also some interesting additions to the controls (like the 7.1 button in the center). The separate volume buttons for the mic and headphones are a nice touch.

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