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Kreyos Meteor smart watch

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While the Apple's and Google's smart watches are still just a story in the form of rumors, the competition is not sleeping. The latest product to market should show up in November this year and it is named Kreyos Meteor smart watch that works in cooperation with a wireless smart Android, Windows Phone 8 and iPhone phones.

Kreyos Meteor basically presents a two-way communication system that lets you use it like a hadsfree devices, but offers far more than that. With the help of a variety of applications it can be used to monitor various activities like jogging and exercise, and also has an abundance of sensors with which it can collect a tons of information from the environment and your body, such as GPS or cardiac monitoring.

KREYOS: The ONLY Smartwatch With Voice & Gesture Control from Kreyos on Vimeo.

What its authors cite as something special is the ability to manage gesture and voice control, and claim that this is the first smart watch with such a control system. Finally, it should be added that the watch is also waterproof, so you can use it for phone calls or sending e-mails when swimming or surfing. The watch is currently in the system of microinvesting on portal IndieGoGo, they had plan to raise $100,000 but they already suprassed it by over $43,000.

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