Wednesday05 October 2022

Larry Page on the competition

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Google’s CEO Larry Page told Wired that Facebook is strong in its main area, but bad at releasing new products. This statement came shortly after the launch of Facebook’s service called Graph Search, for searching and linking information within a user's group of friends. Although Page did not directly commented on the Graph Search (the interview took place in December), it is certainly a service with which Facebook is breaking into Google's territory of internet search.

In the rest of the interview Page said that his focus is in beating the competition by 10 times, or 1,000%, because incremental improvements over time will become obsolete. Such thinking is what makes Google so unique and valuable. He also noted that a large part of his job is to encourage people to focus on things that are not just incremental.

Of course, he stated his opinion about Apple, saying that they are very successful in their strategy of focusing on only a limited number of things, but this is not the way that Google works. When asked about the statement from Steve Jobs about “thermonuclear” attack on Google, he just replied with a counter question, how successful was this attack?

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