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Leaked info about the Windows 9 release date and more

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According to a document which was obtained and published by the team from , one can glimpse the expected release date of Windows 9. This is a leak of an internal Microsoft document setting out the plans of the company for the future, and among them is the info that Windows 9 will arrive on the market during the second or third quarter of next year, at least the Preview version. We have also learned that the product is currently in alpha stage of development.

Some of things that will be enhanced in the new operating system will be Metro UI, Windows Defender, OneDrive and system activation of the OS. In addition, the plans include Cortana too, a personal assistant so far seen only on the Windows Phone platform, and it could mean that the system will be implemented in the new Windows.

Some news related to Office 2015 were also mentioned. This product, if we are to believe this document is no longer in alpha stage, but already in the Consumer Preview 1 version, which could soon appear in public.

[Ed - If this is true then is would be similar to the Windows Vista to Windows 7 time line. Microsoft bascially admitted that Windows Vista was flawed by pushing up the release of Windows 7. Windows 8.x has recleved criticizm from the press, and consumers since its releasse although most of the complaints are aimed at the Metro/ModernUI interface and the confusing message that Microsoft sent about the OS (WindowsRT?). Oddly most of the rumors still have the ModernUI still in place, but with an option to boot straight  to the desktop (like Windows 8.1). What is not known yet is if Microsoft will give back the full start menu and media playback featurs that were removed from Windows 8.x (like Media Center). I guess time will tell.]

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