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Lenovo keeps on spending, now they bought Motorola

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From Google have officially confirmed the information that was leaked to the media just a few hours earlier; Motorola was sold to Lenovo. A week after it emerged that they agreed to purchase IBM Servers, a Chinese manufacturer of computers and equipment took another significant global company.

Motorola Mobility was since 2011. owned by Google, which failed to return them to the path of the old glory and profitability, so it looks like the search giant decided to sell. The agreed price is $2,91 billion, and Google , despite selling the company retains ownership of the overwhelming majority of existing patents and those who are still in the process of obtaining.

Lenovo has been the main theme in recent months whenever you talk about acquisitions in the IT sector, and they were even associated with the sale of troubled BlackBerry, and after a somewhat weaker financial results of HTC with the potential purchase of that company too. Since Lenovo aims to become the world's leading mobile phone manufacturer, this move could allow them to achieve that goal a bit easier.

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