Saturday28 January 2023

LG created thinnest Full HD smartphone display

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LG Display announced a thin LCD screen, suitable for mobile devices such as smartphones or phablet with a larger dimensions. According to the company's words, it is the slimmest display with full HD screen resolution for mobile devices.

The screen with a diagonal of 5.2 inches has IPS matrix and a thickness of only 2.2 mm, which includes touch recognition sensor. The thickness of the edge of the screen is a slightly higher, only 2.3 mm. LG emphasizes advanced One-Glass-Solution (OGS) technology and a special way to implement power line (Dual Flexible Printed Circuits), which provides 30 percent fewer lines compared to standard solutions, and thus higher brightness.

Declared maximum brightness is 535 nits, and a contrast ratio (based on 10,000 lux) of 3.74:1 provides good readability in bright ambient light. Time of availability of the first device with this screen has not been published yet.

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