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Thursday, 18 October 2012 21:37

Listener Approved Promotes Burgeoning Private Music Industry

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Listener Approved is a new company with the goal of promoting the private music industry. Artists of all ages, genres, creeds, and backgrounds can use this platform to publish their music, allow others to listen to it, and receive feedback on it. The Listener Approved application is linkable with all major social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I would dare say that Listener Approved is on the way to becoming “the” social music application.

One of the best things about this Free to use service is just that. Listeners and Artists alike pay nothing to use this service. Listener Approved earns revenue through ticket sales and venue management, including after show sales of memorabilia such as t-shirts, caps, and the like. Unlike with music services like Spotify, listeners do not have to worry about upgrading to obtain access to special features; everyone gets the full functionality of the platform for free.

Listener Approved users are fully able to pick whatever they want to listen to, without having random tracks thrown at them, with a set number of “skips” per hour (Pandora). Truly, this is a platform that puts the power in the hands of the people. Another great feature is that a large portion of the music available through this platform is new and not mainstream. This means listeners are able to hear music unfettered from the confines of record labels; music as the artist intended.

Listener Approved is currently accessible by visiting their site, but dedicated mobile apps are in the works. If you want to have a completely new music experience, this might just be for you.

[Ed – this is very similar to what Kim Dotcom has promised with Megabox, but with the added bonus of being free. The unfortunate side of this is that the RIAA does not like it when anyone tries to play in their sandbox. We have seen other sites that have been taken down for attempting to do this before and we would not be surprised if someone throws out a copyright claim if this service takes off. It is a sad commentary on the industry, but it really is more proof that services like Listener Approved are sorely needed.]

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