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LulzSec Reborn Makes Its Debut, But Why?

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lulzsecA new Anonymous splinter group has hit the scene with a name that is sure to bring back bad memories for the authorities. The name as many of you might have heard is LulzSec Reborn. If the name is any indication it means that either some of the old members of LulzSec are back or people that were sympathetic to the LulzSec cause have reincarnated the name for their own purposes. The question is; regardless of who is behind this new group, what are the purposes.

For those of you that do not know LulzSec was a splinter group from the larger collective Anonymous that are “run” by a person that went by the name of Sabu (his real name is Hector Xavier Monsegur). Sabu was later picked up by the FBI and turned into an informant for them. This lead to several arrests and also prompted the FBI and News Media to crow about the death of LulzSec and how badly Anonymous was hurt by these arrests. Unfortunately (for the FBI and those News Sites) Anonymous does not have “leaders” of “key members”. This means that unless they were to round up every single last person that would be willing to use a computer as a form of activism, they are not going to hurt or put a stop to Anonymous any time soon.

This leads into some of the thought process that could be behind the reemergence of the LulzSec name. In warfare one objective is to appear stronger than your opponent. You can do this with a show of force through superior numbers, technology etc. or through showing your enemy that you can take whatever they throw at you. This last tactic is very often used when you already know you are outnumbered. It is a demoralizer to an opponent to see that no matter what is thrown at the enemy they keep coming back. This type of tactic has actually won more than a few wars throughout history. However, we are not sure that the appearance of LulzSec Reborn is all about showing the FBI that you cannot kill off LulzSec.

From what we have been able to find out the reappearance caused some concern in the larger Anonymous collective. Our guess on this is that there is a fear that some of the people involved might not be who they say they are. Does this mean that LulzSec Reborn is a trap? To be perfectly honest we do not know and it also seems that no one else has the answer to that. Their first big Op was hacking a military singles site which was followed up by a release of data from CSS Corp which provides consulting on cloud services and also remote management of other people’s infrastructure.  Although we have not looked through data released from these two ops, but have no reason to think they are not genuine. Hitting up the Managed Services Provider for multiple cloud sites is a big deal as once you compromise the control and monitoring system you can get access to a large number of systems.

What the new group does from here will certainly give us a better understanding of their motives just as how the rest of the Anonymous movement’s response to them will show us if they are accepted. We do know that the original LulzSec was not admired by the rest of the collective and many inside the community had issues with LulzSec and Sabu. If these are more like minded people it is very possible that they will find themselves at odds with the goals of the movement again, but right now it is simply too early to tell.

No matter who they are or their level of acceptance with the larger Anonymous movement we are sure that the FBI and other agencies will be keeping an eye on them and more than likely will be asking Sabu who he thinks might be involved with this latest splinter group.

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