Wednesday07 December 2022

MacBook Air dominates thin and light notebook market in the U.S.

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According to market research company NPD, Apple's MacBook Air dominates the thin and light notebooks market in the U.S., and given the good reception of recently introduced new models, even in the near future, this situation is unlikely to change significantly.

MacBook Air alone took 56% of the market of thin and light notebooks in the U.S. during the first five months of this year, while the remaining was 44% occupied by various other Ultrabook manufacturers based on Windows.

But Microsoft won't stand idle and watch the competition wipe the floor with their devices. Recently Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer, said that the new hybrid devices based on Windows 8/8.1 with touch screen eliminate the need to possess both laptop and tablet. In Microsoft they expect that in the next few months on the market will arrive a multitude of such hybrid devices.

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