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Microsoft giving away a free game with a new Xbox One Next Week

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Oh Microsoft, how little you get the game of marketing. Despite being forewarned about the consequences of pushing the Xbox One as media center instead of a gaming console Microsoft continued this blitz right up until launch day. They were shocked and appalled that gamers were not happy with their decision to limit game trading, require internet, and require the Kinect and many more services that just did not make sense at the time.

Microsoft was shocked again when sales did not magically take off and go through the roof. It was almost comical if it were not so sad to see this event happen. Again the issue here is not the quality of the hardware or the device. From what we have seen of the Xbox One it is a fairly solid game console with some nice extra features. The problem is the way Microsoft wanted to put it in the home and control it in a manner very similar to how Apple controls their products.

Since launch day Microsoft has been looking for something that will get people to buy their console. They have tried removing the need for the Kinect, removing the always on internet, and have relaxed the game trading restrictions. Nothing has really made sales any better. Now Microsoft is going back to basics: give people “free” stuff.

Starting next week, September 7th through the 13th Microsoft will give you a free game if you buy an Xbox One. So far it does not look like there are any restrictions on this either (other than the game must be disk based). You can pick any disk based game that is available for the Xbox One and you can buy any of the flavors of Xbox One (including the one without the Kinect). This is not too bad of a deal when you think about it. Some of the games on the list will cost you $60 so you are getting about 15% off of the regular price if you buy the $399 flavor.

Of course this might not help when you consider the fact that the PlayStation 4 will have a special version of destiny available for it. With all of the good reviews, people might actually want to spend a little more on a product that has been advertised as a gaming console from the start and not one that appears to be labeled one as an afterthought.

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