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Microsoft Launching A Halo Collection for Xbox One, Will it be Enough?

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Remember when we said that Microsoft was trying to make up for recent mistakes on company direction? Well we have another example of that. Originally Microsoft had made statements to the effect that they would not be releasing new versions of older Xbox games and that there would be no compatibility with the next generation console. Part of this was simply due to the fact that the Xbox One was moving to x86 hardware and the costs (in terms of performance) to create an emulation layer for older games was not worth the effort.

Well today at E3 Microsoft announced that they are going to push out Halo for the Xbox One in the form of Halo: The Master Chief collection. With this would be purchasers will be getting original versions of the game as well as an upgraded version of Halo 2. You will also get beta access to the multiplayer side of Halo 5. The full version of Halo 5 is not due until 2015 at the time of this writing.

Halo is the reason that many people bought the Xbox (I know of multiple people that this is the only game they play on the Xbox) so when Microsoft cut off that game from the new hardware it did alienate some fans. This is not to say that now that you can buy a collection of all of the games for Xbox One that gamers will run out and buy the new console, it just removes one existing barrier to consumer trust.

For Microsoft to really get back into gamer’s good graces they will need to drop in a few more incentives and also turn around some existing policies on games and the way the system works. They have taken a step in the right direction by allowing games to unlock additional features and resources in the console itself that will lead to more exciting features and game play, but even that might not be enough to catch up to Sony.

Will adding a Halo collection sway you to the Xbox One? Tell us

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