Thursday30 March 2023

Microsoft Promises to Renew PC Gaming Focus With Windows 10

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With the launch of Windows 8 the gaming world was a tad shaken up. It seems that Microsoft was abandoning the PC gamer in favor of their own console. Everything about Windows 8 seemed designed to push the Xbox as the center of the gaming world. It was a decision that made many development houses more than a little angry. It was bad enough that Valve made the choice to begin working on their own Linux based OS to support games. The gaming community responded favorably to this change which we are sure made Microsoft more than a little nervous. To add insult to injury the Xbox One did not do as well as expected at launch and in the first months of its life.

In true Microsoft fashion the tables are turning after yet another commercial failure. Now they (Microsoft) are talking about a return to the PC as a gaming platform and working to bundle this into Windows 10. You can bet the motivation is to bolster sales of the OS once it hits the market, but this does not mean that it is not a good thing for everyone involved. In reality it seems that Microsoft would like Windows 10 to be everything that Windows 8.x should have been.

Why they are so determined to continue to try and move away from what makes people want to use them is beyond my understanding, but it is also very possible that things are going to change with Steve Ballmer gone. So far new CEO Satya Nadella has been working to change the way people view Microsoft and also to reverse many of the bold (and foolish) moves put in place under Ballmer.

Phil Spencer has admitted that Microsoft truly needs this shift of focus regardless of what it happening with the Xbox and its eco system. He has been hinting at this since the first leaks about Windows 10 hit the internet. He has even gone so far as to tacitly admit that Microsoft dropped the ball along the line with the comment: “We took gaming very seriously on Windows a while ago”.

Now it is most definitely time to put some effort into PC gaming. The PC platform is exponentially more powerful than any of the console offerings and can give real life to games. We do expect to hear more about Microsoft’s renewed focus on PC gaming at the next Windows 10 event. Microsoft is also expected to show off a few other features of Windows 10 that will excite consumers. Anyone want to bet that Media Center will make a comeback with better gaming support?

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