Saturday04 February 2023

Microsoft Releasing Kinect for Windows on July 15th, But will Anyone Buy It?

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Eight days… that is all you have to wait if you want to get Kinect for your Windows PC. At least that is the word out of Redmond today. Despite the fact that many gamers do not see the need for, or even want the Kinect Microsoft is pushing their plans to launch this motion sensing device for the PC anyway. The reasons behind this are probably simple, they were too far ahead to back out..

The price on the sensor is a cool $199 to get all the motion and voice detection goodness that Xbox One users have been dying to get rid of… I mean use. The odd thing is that motion control devices for the PC have traditionally not done well while the fallout from the Snowden leaks make people suspicious of the Kinect’s recording and image capture capabilities.

So what make Microsoft think that the Kinect will sell for the PC at all? We are really not all that sure, but there is certainly a lot of news and comments on this release. We do imagine that some people will buy it just to have on or to try it out. What would have been nice is if Microsoft was still allowing HTPC functions under Windows 8.x and would allow this to function as the primary controller. At that point having this wrapped up with an HTPC/Gaming PC might actually yield some sales.

I guess we will have to see if this sells, or if Microsoft will need to take another write down like they did with all of the Surface tablets last year…

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