Tuesday04 October 2022

Microsoft's ID@Xbox Could Lock Indie Developers Out of the Xbox One

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In a move that would have made Steve Jobs proud Microsoft is apparently leaning on developers to only develop for their Xbox One platform or delay any release for other console platforms. The news comes as developer Witch Beam, is claiming that due to restrictions in the ID@Xbox program they are being forced to delay their new game Assault Android Cactus because they already have plans to launch games on other consoles.

According to the ID@Xbox program an independent developer must not have a game released on any other platform to be able to publish for the Xbox One. This is known as day one parity by Microsoft was a part of the self-publishing system released in response to consumer backlash. The program was not available when the Xbox One was first announced so there were bound to be developers that already had games in the pipe for other consoles when the ID program was announced. This meant that independent developers would need to either need to delay releasing their games on other platforms (and lose money) or not release for the Xbox One (and lose money).

Microsoft had to know that this would happen considering they did not have anything in play for independent developers when they announced the Xbox One. However, there could be good news for developers that are trying to work inside the ID@Xbox program. It seems that Microsoft might be willing to work with them (and they should). According to Witch Beam co-creator, Sanatana Mishra, Microsoft has told them to submit a request to release the game anyway (they might agree to waive the parity requirement). Normally a developer would need an exclusivity agreement with another console maker to get a waiver (and then it is not guaranteed). In this case we hope that Microsoft will give in as the indie game market is becoming a driving force in the gaming industry. As they build up a following the big development and publishing houses will have to follow suit and provide better games to the market.

If Microsoft stands their ground on this one, well they will only hurt themselves in the end…

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