Sunday05 February 2023

Microsoft Says that Reset My PC Option Does not Work as Expected Due to a Bug

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It seems that Microsoft shares an issue that is a bit like one that can happen in mobile devices. When you reset your device on an Android Device and you have accounts that sync data with their own internal folders, there can be lingering information even after a reset of the device. Although not as prevalent as it once was, the advice was and still is, to remove all accounts before beginning the reset process. This is so that there is no data left behind after a reset. This same issue has popped up in Windows 10.

If you are using systems like OneDrive that syncs information with a cloud service and you rest your PC (even with the wipe my files option) there is a chance that some data will remain on the drive after the reset. As you might expect, Microsoft is working on a method to fix this. They also recommend disconnecting any cloud sync services and accounts before beginning the reset (always a good idea).

Microsoft says that they will release a fix for this and that there are mitigation options available if you have already reset your system (hopefully it is still in your possession). One of them is to remove the Windows.Old folder that can show up after an upgrade and/or reset. You can do this using the storage option in settings. You will want to change how files are automatically cleaned up and ensure that old versions of Windows are deleted. This should remove any connected sync folders for services like OneDrive.

This type of bug is not one you want to hear about if you have given a PC away or sold it. You have potentially left personal data on a device no longer in your control. The information could be recovered and depending on what it is, used against you. It highlights the need to good data hygiene and good data practices. You should also always ensure that cloud services, their apps and data re removed from your device when no longer needed, or you are looking to get rid of the old device.

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