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Microsoft wants patent for inconspicuous smartphones

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Microsoft has filed a patent application that describes how "smart" mobile phones can switch to "Inconspicuous" mode. The main idea is to put your phone into power saving, silent mode automaticaly.

The patent application entitled "Inconspicuous Mode for Mobile Devices" describes how mobile devices can reduce the brightness of the screen and the volume of notifcation sounds (like the ringtone) inplaces where these things might interfere with other people. This change should be happening automatically on the smartphone, depending on parameters such as light and sound in the environment, or manually.

As an example of application in the patent application Microsoft provides a dark space like a theater or cinema, where phone sound or light screens can interfere with others in the hall. A similar application of this technology can also be implemented in other environments, such as meeting rooms, cars or bedrooms. This could be great for people who forgot to put their phone on silent mode and get embarassed because of their bad manners once their phone starts shouting Justin Bieber's ringtone (or worse, if there is such a thing).

[Ed – Although this patent lists environmental input (such as sound, light etc.) there has also been a movement to force phones into this mode via ultrasonic sounds. The frequency of this sound would not affect anyone sitting in the theater, but would force the phone into silent mode and automatically dim the screen. Other applications for this type of technology would be to dissable the speaker on the phone or preventing someone from using the screen while driving. For the more... *cough* sinisiter minded these types of technolgy could also be abused to prevent people from filming abuses or texting during civil unrest as a form of mass communication ban... It is an interesting technoloby that carries with it some ethical concerns...]

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