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Mirror's Edge 2 to be Launched at E3 2014 Today

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Hey, remember the game Mirror’s Edge? Well if you do not it was about a young woman who works as a runner. Runners are hired by underground groups that want to communicate without the use of heavily monitored phone or network systems (sound familiar?). The get around the city runners use a variety of techniques including leaping from rooftop to rooftop. This means there are plenty of combination moves to ensure that you maintain momentum and can make that next jump. Mirror’s Edge was also noteworthy for its open environment and different first person viewpoint (it was much closer to a real first person view).

The game (released in 2009) was a little ahead of its time and although popular it was not what you would call a smash hit. Still the underlying theme of the game was all about personal freedoms and how easy it is to give them up for perceived comfort. Now that topic is right at the forefront of the news on almost a daily basis. This could have been the motivation for DICE to dive in and revive the plot and theme that failed to grab the gamer’s attention 5 years ago.

Whatever the reason we do know that DICE will be announcing Mirror’s Edge 2 at E3 2014 today at 3 PM Pacific Time (US). From a teaser picture found on the Mirror’s Edge Facebook Page and a video that popped up on YouTube we can see that the game will have the same flavor, but we do not know what else EA might have in store for us inside the game. The graphics look much improved and the fluidity of movement appears to be much better than in the first game, but I guess we will have to wait and see what else is in store for Faith and the City she runs through.

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