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More and more native BlackBerry apps

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BlackBerry regularly praises growing number of applications for BlackBerry 10, a mobile platform on which their success very directly depends. However, skeptics say that these are artificially inflated numbers in which the company adds the application for Android that support execution within the emulator built-in BlackBerry’s new mobile OS. Of the 70,000 applications that were supposedly launched in parallel with the BlackBerry 10, around 40% of them are intended for emulation mode, which is quite a lot, especially when you take into account that they work noticeably slower and worse than native applications, making them quite unusable.

However, the company's vice president Martyn Mallick in an interview with for the site AllThingsD soothes passions and points out that more and more developers are shifting their emulation applications in native form. In fact, as a motivation for those authors that contribute to the company's initiatives and create certified native applications, they decided that in case they in the first year don’t earn $10,000, the BlackBerry will pay the difference. But if they earn less than $1,000, this guarantee does not cover them, but it's a risk they should simply accept.

 Because of all of this BlackBerry 10 marketplace now has over 100,000 applications, and every fifth is intended to work with emulator, said Mallick. The big thing for the platform would be, for example, issuing a native Instagram, but Instagram does not have any such plans, nor is $ 10,000 enough amount of money to motivate them for anything.

[Ed - the funny thing is that there was a time when Blackberry was really the only game in town for business, but the phones came with a pretty good selection of apps. Now Blackberry is dying along with Windows Phone in the face of iOS, Android and the potential of Ubuntu in the market. It is funny really when you think about the fact that Windows is making a killing in the "PC" world and yet Linux owns mobile; at least for now...]

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