Monday27 March 2023

Moto 360 facing manufacturing problems

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After Google introduced the Android Wear operating system for which they plan to run the smart watches and similar devices, Motorola has introduced its own smart watch - Moto 360. Right at first glance it is obvious that Motorola's concept differs from all so far available on the market. Motorola instead of blocky and square shapes what we can see in the example of Sony and Samsung solutions, offers a well-known circular design which can found in the classical watches. If you believe the information coming from Asian manufacturing plants Motorola just because of that faced with problems in production.

The main problem is that most of the implanted components must be round , so there can be enough room for all the necessary components. Further sources say that Motorola has a problem with cutting the material to create the display. Because of all this, and the short period that has the company set itself (this summer) there is a possibility that the watch will not be ready on time, or at best to be procurable in limited quantities.

So far, price of this smart watch is not knownm, but it is assumed that the upper limit will be $299, and that users are not willing to pay more for these devices.

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