Saturday25 March 2023

NBA game streamed with Google Glass

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If you wanted to know how the NBA game looks like from the perspective of players the day has come for you see the court from their point of view.

On 24th January, along with the usual TV cameras, game between the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers will be broadcasted live via the Google Glass. Google's glasses will be distributed to individual players and to the rest of the team staff like coaches, their mascot, announcer and entertainer. Job of synchronizing all devices was given to the company CrowdOptic which will in the real time analyze what will individual glasses display and then „play“ it in the live TV program.

This is not the only novelty that was introduced by the Sacramento Kings. From March 1st they will become the first sports team to receive Bitcoin as equal currency, and thus allow their fans to buy tickets and souvenirs with this, for now still very controversial, currency.

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