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Friday, 19 October 2012 18:53

Netflix Better on Android After Update

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The Netflix App for Android devices has finally received a face lift! The lists of titles for viewing has been dramatically increased, the user interface has been greatly improved with short cuts and new features, and things have been moved around to be more user friendly and easier to navigate.

In older versions of the app, it was difficult to obtain information about a show, such as the letter rating, or a brief description, without accidentally initiating play back. Now users are able to tap once on the title/thumbnail to receive information, or tap twice to begin watching. For users with children, Netflix has added a Children and a Family (two distinct options) gallery. This allows users to sort through shows that are rated appropriate for their child, or are family friendly, without potentially scarring their youngster for life by accidentally initiating playback on a particularly violent or explicit title.

The general overhaul of the UI gives users a much more fluid experience by gracefully sliding between titles to watch. The top of the list will have shows that were in progress and not finished, so users can easily pause and come back to their favorite shows or movies. All in all, the experience is now more like that of the app on a tablet. Enjoy!

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