Wednesday29 June 2022

Neversoft becomes a part of the Infinity Ward

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The time has come to say our farewells  to legendary Neversoft studio on whose games many of us grew up. All the remaining employees will be transferred to Infinity Ward - confirmed by Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg.

Neversoft was founded back in 1994, behind once megapopularnih series, Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, and most recognizable for its lively eye that were appearing after the launch of its games. The latest project on  which the studio was working under his own name was Call of Duty: Ghosts on which they collaborated with a team whose part will now become. Hirshber wrote that since Neversoft and Infinity Ward worked together on CoD: Ghosts it became clear that the skills of these two teams fit perfectly so they decided during that collaboration to merge these two studios and "make something big".
While most employees will keep their jobs and continue their projects without changes , not everything went completely fabulous. Studio co-founder Joel Jewett and industry veteran Scott Pease will leave after 20 years. Both will remain with the team until the end of the transitional period at the end of the year and will eventually leave the team that they helped to create.

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