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New Pictures of the Steam Controller Found In Beta Client Update

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There is a new update in the never ending rumors surrounding Valve’s Steambox and Controller. After digging into a client update an interesting image popped up for the Steam Controller. It seems that Valve may be considering putting a traditional analog joystick on the controllers. This will be in addition to the existing touch pads that we have seen so much.

So far no one at Valve has confirmed the existence of this new feature, but as it is not just a blurry image on the web there is more than a little truth to this story. So far we have heard from more than one person that the image can be found in the latest beta client in the Steam\tenfoot\resource\images\library” folder.

Valve has made claims that this controller is the reason we have not seen the Steambox hit the streets and this is probably part of the equation. However another item that keep popping up in conversations with other people using the new OS is a staggering lack of content. Right now there is a very limited list of games that can be played on the new OS. This is likely to put many people off moving to SteamOS simply because they would not have the same library of games they have now.

In the end Valve’s delay on the controller might a good excuse to keep things under wraps until more titles are ready of their Linux based platform. If they pushed everything out now it is much more likely that gamers will use the Steam Controller on their PCs running Windows than make a shift to SteamOS just to play a handful of games and many of them either older or independent…

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