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New Star Wars games will be made in a Batman: Arkham fashion

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Andrew Wilson from Electronic Arts in a recent interview revealed the path which will be pursued in  the creation of future games based on the Star Wars franchise. Judging by Wilson, main role model in planning the future of Star Wars titles was set by Warner Bros. Interactive with famous film series Batman: Arkham.


Specifically , the Star Wars titles produced by Electronic Arts will actually follow the direction outlined by Rocksteady Studios with Batman: Arkham Asylum and other extensions of the series. According to the CVG, future Star Wars titles are definitely not going to be based on the next movie trilogy. Electronic Arts last year entered into an agreement with Disney with which they secured the rights to the Star Wars franchise for a period of the next ten years .

One of the first next Star Wars titles will most likely be a new Star Wars Battlefront, which is currently deveoped by DICE's department in Stockholm. For some time there was rumors about other Star Wars games, but official details were not yet confirmed.

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