Saturday25 March 2023

New update dubbed Spring Cleaning coming for Dota 2

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The new update for Dota 2 comes under a name Spring Cleaning, in accordance with the name, it should "clean" this MOBA title of quite a few technical problems and bugs. It is a truly comprehensive patch which among other details hides mild modifications for almost all heroes in the game, and Valve has not missed to take a look at user interface and inventory system of Dota 2.


Spring Cleaning should take hold during the week, and a detailed list of changes can be observed on the Dota 2 blog. Valve also reminds us of the regional qualifying tournament for this year's The International which will start in just a couple of weeks, and in a very near future they will begin to publish details of the teams themselves.

As is well known, The International will be held this year in Seattle as usual, and will be held between 18 and 21 July. 16 teams will be competing for the top spot and $1 million, 11 of them will be invited, 4 will win their spot through Regional Qualifiers, while the last spot will be left for the four runner-ups to compete in Seattle for the final spot.

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