Mosaid Technologies unveils their new 2TB SSD Drive


Last week Mosaid showed off a prototype of their new solid state drive which boasts a massive 2TB capacity. The new Solid-State Drive (SSD) is able to do what conventional solid state drives are able to do only in a more cost effective way. Mosiad has managed to reduce the number of controllers and channels per drive while increasing the capacity and throughput of the drives. If they are able to push this out into the market it will be a big hit in many high-performance systems and no we are not talking about your gaming box.

The name given to this new device is HLSSD or HyperLink Solid-state drive. The prototype uses a single FPGA-based Serial ATA III controller to deliver 2TB capacity across four HLNAND channels. The drive uses 16 32GB HLNAND flash multi-chip packages, or MCPs, per channel. Other SSDs on the market require four SATA controllers along with a Serial ATA III hub controller operating over 32 channels as opposed to the HLSSD’s 16.

Mosaid’s high performance HLNAND flash fuses their own Hyper Link technology along with industry standard NAND flash cell technology to blow other manufacturers out of the water. According to Mosaid, their SSD can reach up to ten times the sustained input-output bandwidths as compared to conventional solid-state drives. It is extremely exciting to see the progression of solid-state drives as they become more and more affordable and quicker than previous models. The speed at which they are evolving is absolutely fascinating and I cannot wait to see what else they may have in store.

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