Rumors pop up that Viber is look for someone to buy them up.

Viber has become popular because of its mobile application that gives users the possibility to make free phone calls and messaging, while using an Internet connection. In the nearly 200 countries where it is present, Viber currently records about 200 million registered users, and recently offered the same service for users of desktop computers.


This huge success of the company means that it is of great value to potential investors, and now speculations occured that Viber's founder Talmon Marco is in talks about its sale. According to Calcalist, an Israeli business newspaper, currently there are negotiation ongoing between Viber and an unnamed Asian communications company which wants to takeover the Israeli start-up. It is said that the selling price could reach between 300 and 400 million.

The potential buyer was described as a leading Asian operator of instant messages exchange, and it is believed that it could be Chinese WeChat. In the game are also Japanese Line and Korean KakaoTalk.

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