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Nike gives up on FuelBand in order to switch to iWatch?

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Conflicting information coming from the company Nike, concerning the further development of their smart sports bracelets FuelBand. At the beginning of last week they announced the expansion of business and the launch of a separate drive for the development of this device in San Francisco. Additionally they announced the partnership with companies from the sectors of fitness, such as MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Strava, and the expansion of the FuelBand availability in cooperation with these related companies.

But after just a few days comes the news that Nike fired 55 of the 70 members of the team responsible for the development of FuelBand, and now they are considering the complete shutdown of its production. Instead production of sports bracelets and similar devices, Nike is planning to devote more time to developing fitness software. This would mean that a new, thinner, FuelBand version we will not see in the fall as planned, but the current version (Nike+ FuelBand SE) should remain on sale until further notice.

All this has prompted speculation to Nike could enter into a partnership with Apple. Specifically, Tim Cook is one of the members of the board of Nike, and analysts familiar with the business trends are considering the theory that the company could shift focus on software while for the hardware side of the story should be Apple's business, or their long-awaited iWatch.

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Last modified on Monday, 21 April 2014 15:31
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