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Nintendo Wii U games for 60 Dollars

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Nintendo has disproved speculation that games for their new console, Nintendo Wii U, will cost $100. Right now the price should be $59.99 which is a $10 increase from games that were made for the first generation Wii console. Nintedno director of product marketing Bill Trinen said that they will have prices on par with games for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The $100 prices could be found on Amazon and GameStop for various Wii U games, such as Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, Just Dance 4 and Lego City Undercover. But Nintendo said that those are mere speculation.

Nintendo announced that Wii U will come to North America on November 18th and will come in two versions. You will have to shell out $299 for the basic model with 8GB storage, or if you want the deluxe black edition you will have to pay $350. The console will arrive in Europe next, on November 3th, which will be followed by a Japanese launch on December 8th. This last release is just in time for the holiday season. The basic model comes with one Wii U GamePad, an AC adapter, HDMI Cable and a sensor bar. The deluxe edition comes with the same items from the basic version plus additional memory, a stand for the console, stands for the GamePad and a copy of NintendoLand.

Beside the new Wii U Nintendo presented their new TVii service. This allows users to "find, watch, and engage" with TV, sports and movies. It will also feature their social hub Miiverse, Netflix, Hulu, Tivo and Amazon video.  Alongside the mentioned video game titles, Wii U will have Bayonetta 2 game, which is Wii U exclusive, Skylanders Giants, 007 Legends, Tekken Tag, Disney Epic Mickey: The Power of Two, Transformers Prime: The Game, Wipeout 3, and Activision’s Call of Duty Black Ops II. Many of these games looks very promising, especially for multiplayer gaming and that could be one of important factors that will get the Wii U new buyers.

[Ed – The console gaming market has some catching up to do if they want to keep things compelling and to bring in more customers. This is even more true considering the number of games that are being released for tablets and smartphones with high-quality (relatively) graphics and also the potential threat from Microsoft’s smart glass. There is no doubt that things will be very interesting in 2H 2012 and 2013]

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