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One Billion users on Youtube

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Google praised the increasing popularity of YouTube services for setting up and viewing video clips. The company has said that the new record was achieved marking huge one billion unique users per month.

Users in January looked a total of 4 billion hours of YouTube video content, and the figure of a billion users Google is trying to show in comparison to some other data. For example, almost every other person with access to internet is visiting YouTube, and when this service was a state, of course, made counting the number of unique users, it would be the third country in the number of users (people) on the planet, right after China and India.

Market research agency Nielsen growing popularity of YouTube and similar online services attributed to Generation C (Gen C), a group of users that consume video on their own terms. According to their data, Gen C are younger adults defined by the Internet, mobile devices and social networks. They watch video on multiple devices (computers, smartphones, tablet), and personally create the video content on YouTube and share it via social networks, and thus set trends in popularity, and now more and more video content is being viewed via smartphones - last year there was an increase in the use of such methods by 74 percent.
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[Ed - Youitube is something of a monster and although it has an exceptionally large user base there are things that happen behind the scenes that many users are not aware of. These items are concerning to any one that operates their own channel and in some cases appear to be pefferential treatment of larger channels and randomly enforced rules and copyright restrictions. We do know of several incednts where channels have been incorrectly banned (in one case a channel was reinstated after legal action) and videos have been pulled for false copyright infrignement claims. The Youtube world is getting murlier and uglier as the big biys on the block try to muscle out any upstarts...]

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