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One Reason Why The Nokia and Motorola Launches Were Denounced In the Press...

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Nokia and Motorola have launched their new phones and the mainstream sites have decided to speak. Their verdict is that neither Motorola with their ICS based RAZRs nor Nokia with their Fischer Price colored Lumia phones were good. One of the biggest complaints about Motorola seemed to be that the three new phones that were being shown will only ship with Android 4.0. This is unusual in that Motorola is now owned by Google and you would think that these phones would have the latest and greatest from Google right out of the box. For Nokia it seemed to be the fact that a commercial used gave the impression that it was shot with the Lumia 920’s Pureview camera.

Of course the same journalists that are denouncing the products from Google/Moto and Nokia are also praising every rumored feature that is released about Apple. Where is the disconnect? We could go grab a tinfoil hat and claim that they are all paid by Apple to report this, but that is actually unlikely. What is more likely is that these people have bought into the Apple marketing hype just as many have in the past. Apple has one of the best marketing and PR teams in the world and an annual budget that would keep many countries not only running, but with some left over. If these reporters have bought into the Apple hype they are likely to compare everything to it without any objectivity. Instead that platform becomes the baseline that they measure all others by. It does not matter to them that the Nokia Lumia 920 will be the first phone to ship with inductive charging built in. It does not matter that Motorola will have a phone with a 3,300mAh battery; all that matters is that the New iPhone is coming and it will be “better”.

This mentality is the same one that allows many to parrot Apple’s boilerplate “everyone copies us” with conviction. It is also what allows them to take a flawed survey that shows a possible 55% of people will not get a new iPhone and spin it so that is claims 1/5 of all Android owners will jump ship to Apple. This is the type of loyalty that you cannot buy. If you pay someone they can be bought by someone with more money, but it they buy into what you have to offer they cannot be bought and in some cases will not see reality even when presented with it.

The problem is that many of the people that have bought into Apple’s reality are in positions of influence in the media. They present their analysis as factual information instead of under the editorial or op-ed by-line. As we have said before this creates considerable confusion in the market as people are fed marketing hype instead of the actual facts at hand (which is what NEWS is supposed to be). It would be ok for them to list their opinions in a news piece as long as they clearly state that is what it is and not listing it as fact.

We have seen so many articles that claim an unreleased product with no firm specifications will be superior to what is already on the market that it is sickening. You would hope that a new product will be better than what is already out, after all why release it if it is not? They still completely ignore a few simple facts about the “to be announced” Apple products. They are following the market trends. Apple did research (this was shown in the Samsung V Apple case) and have adjusted the iPhone to match what others are doing. Take a look at even a few of the rumored specs from supplier leaks; large screen; check, longer battery life; check, LTE; check. We wonder if these same journalists that are denouncing Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, HTC and others as rushing to beat the iPhone will show the same objectivity when Apple launches their new products in September… Considering the current “news” that is going around we highly doubt it; these members of the press have bought into the religion of Apple and will find a way to make the announcement of two year old features into something revolutionary no matter what the reality of the situation is. The Apple press event is 6 days away; hold tight as the faithful wind up for a nice round of bashing the competition and praising Apple.

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