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Ontrion's extended Li-Ion battery gives our EVO 3D a boost Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
As you might expect the box that the Ontrion battery comes in is a tad boring. Its only purpose is to house the parts that you already know you need. Inside the plastic clamshell box you get the 2300mAh (milliamp Hour) battery and a replacement back for the EVO 3D; like we said pretty simple.

box01 box03

The battery itself is Lithium-ION (Li-Ion) which should give you good power. Ontrion also states that their packaging is 100% recycled material. This is where they derive their motto “Let’s Embrace Green in Life”.
Aside from the battery there is also a replacement back that you will have to use with the Ontrion. This is rather dull in terms of looks and while it does a great job it does have some disadvantages as we found out in a recent review of a DryCASE waterproof case.  The down side is that the 3D Camera is now down insides a small depression in the back of the case. We will talk more about the effects this has had on the camera in the performance section.
The Ontrion LION Extended Battery  -
As we have told you Ontrion uses a Lithium-Ion design for its rechargeable batteries. This is a technology that uses intercalated lithium instead of the metallic lithium found in normal batteries. The difference here is that Intercalated lithium uses densely packed layers to allow the introduction of current to the polymer. The manner in which the Lithium Polymer is made can affect battery life and performance (which is something of a no-brainer).

Stuff03 Stuff04

The battery for our EVO 3D (as we previously stated) is a 3.7V 2300 Milliamp hour model. This is almost double the 1730 Milliamp hour battery that comes with the HTC EVO 3D. Of course there is a tradeoff; the Ontrion battery is also almost twice the size of the original battery. This means that you cannot use the original backing that comes with the phone and have to replace it with the rather dull one that Ontrion packages for you.

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